Pam Broom, Director The Reconciliation Institute

Li is a very accomplished graphic artist. She is an excellent listener and observer and is able to translate your vision into a much appreciated work of beauty!

Rhyd Wildermuth, Director G+R Publishing

Li Pallas's creative work is relentlessly professional and astounding. Likewise, her ability to help print editors, writers, and artists understand the design and layout process in a clear and helpful way have vastly eased potential tensions during the production process.

More than anything, however, Li Pallas has been immeasurably essential both to our growth and development. Her experience, patience, and grace with less-experienced collaborative partners has really been what has helped us become what we are.

Li does incredible work with very little guidance, and excels greatly when given the freedom to enact her vision.

Bill paige, Author Everything I know I learned from Rockstars

Ms. Pallas was recommended by the book’s publisher, Eckhartz Press, as “the best” they’d worked with, and so I engaged with high hopes for a collaborative process, and was not disappointed. Our interactions were strictly via telephone conversations and e-mail – we’ve never met IRL – yet from the beginning she conveyed a sympathetic manner that made me comfortable enough to let her do the heavy lifting. She had a familiarity with the jargon of music, which I think helped her create a visual urgency that fit the narrative. And considering the vast numbers of personalities and affiliations scattered throughout the book, I cannot possibly say enough about Li’s attention to the smallest details, allowing me long looks at each successive iteration, discussing corrections during long phone calls at hours that are conducive to writers and graphic designers.

I’ve owned a lot of media in the last half century, from 45s and albums, to all kinds of books, and perhaps the highest compliment I can pay Li is that, 14 months after first holding “Everything … “ in my hand, and having signed and sold hundreds of copies since then, I still enjoy cracking the book open and giving it a read. It’s got a good feel. 

I greatly enjoyed working with Li, and am quite certain she will continue to grow as a valued collaborator, no matter which paths she travels.